Friday, February 20, 2009

An Answer to Prayer!

Guess what? Remember last week, when I wrote this?

Then I left the camera, in its case, sitting on the floor of the playground... I am truly sorry for being such a nitwit. You can pray that the camera was found by some generous and well-meaning individual whom God will sovereignly guide to our doorstep. That's what I'm going to pray, anyway.

Well, today as I'm about to get lunch on for the kids, I hear a light knock at the door. I look outside and see the minivan belonging to our friend and down-the-street neighbor, Seanna. I answer the door. "Here's a bag of clothes for Matthew," Seanna says, holding up a trash bag full of hand-me-downs. "And I found your camera."

It turns out that Seanna took her kids to the playground right after I took mine last Wednesday. She was the one who picked up our camera! Talk about a "generous and well-meaning individual"! (Believe me, it would be hard to get any more generous and well-meaning that Seanna.) And of all the people who could have visited the playground that day, she is probably the only one who would immediately identify the pictures on it and know that it belonged to us. I'm reeling with the grace of God in this small but (to us) significant matter. How kindly He provides for and watches over us!

In short, I am one grateful nitwit.


Jami said...

Praise God! I love to see his sovereignty at work in the smallest details! Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

That's amazing, what a blessing!

Eva & Solomon said...

That's so great Cara! God hears prayers!

Shannon Anderson said...

Praise God. Isn't the Father so kind to us even in the little things.

Debbie said...

Dear friend, What a wonderful gift to rejoice with you in God's answer to our prayers (I was praying, too!). I just KNEW this would be the content of a post soon... I'm so happy for you!