Friday, September 21, 2007

One Week Old Today

Matthew 1 Week Old

And for the briefest of updates:

Matthew has given us the sweetest baby-honeymoon we could imagine. We never knew the first week of an infant's life could be like this! (Meg's certainly wasn't.) He is such a good sleeper so far--often putting himself to sleep with no crying at all or just a moment of protest. And we were so grateful to learn--at our one-week weigh-in today--that our little boy is gaining weight at a perfect pace and will now be able to enjoy a little longer stretch of nighttime sleep if he wishes. (And so will we, praise the Lord!) (The weight-gain news is especially exciting and relieving because Meg did not gain as our pediatrician wished, and we had a protracted struggle with trying to figure out why.)

Meg is settling in as well as could be expected, I think. She loves her baby brother and did not seem much surprised by his arrival, even though we don't think she understood ahead of time that he was coming. She loves giving Matthew kisses, getting close-up to look at his wee face and, oh yes, trying to put her fingers in his eyes. She has also hit her brother several times (and suffered the consequences), but this is usually more out of displeasure with Mommy and Daddy than apparent jealousy toward Baby.

Dave is easing back into work a bit this weekend, and I am on my own with the two kiddos for the first time tonight. It is going very well, all things considered! Meg is asleep; Matthew is fed and asleep (for now), and I have time to wash dishes and maybe take a quick nap before the next feeding! So off I go!

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