Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Blur and The Blob

This is a little story about Jack...
Jack'n'Meg 1

...and Meg.
Jack'n'Meg 2

Last night, Jack came over to our house for a few hours so that his daddy and momma could get some time out alone. Now, I decided that I would try to get some pictures of Jack and Meg together. So I put them both on the couch and waited for something photogenic to happen.
Jack'n'Meg 4

Unfortunately for my photo shoot, however, Meg was incredibly hyper yesterday evening. There was no way she was sitting down to cuddle up beside Jack and pose. She was off to do her own thing.
Jack'n'Meg 5

Whatever that happened to be at the moment.
Jack'n'Meg 7

But that was just fine with Jack. He was really quite happy to sit there and watch his friend Meg.
Jack'n'Meg 6

So he sat...
Jack'n'Meg 8

and sat.
Jack'n'Meg 10

Because, really, sitting is about all he knows how to do. (And that only when he's propped up.)
Jack'n'Meg 9

And, hey, when you're that good at something, what's the point in branching out any way?
Jack'n'Meg 11

When Jack's mommy came home, I told her about my picture taking, and she suggested that we should call Meg and Jack "The Blur and the Blob." So Jess, this post is for you, my friend.

And this concludes our story about Meg...
Jack'n'Meg 12

...and Jack.
Jack'n'Meg 13

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