Saturday, September 08, 2007

Am I In Labor?

I don't know. I could be. Maybe you can help me figure it out. (If you happen to be awake at 3:00 in the morning and also, for some strange reason, reading my blog.) Here are my symptoms:

1. Have had several contractions over the last hour-and-a-half--none particularly strong or long, and certainly not in any regular pattern, but I don't usually have them at night at all.
2. Baby Boy is extremely active. He seemed to wake up right around the time I did (1:30 or so) and feel the need to squirm and stretch and bump in ways that he hasn't moved for weeks now. Some of it feels very strange, given how low he has dropped.
3. As I lay awake waiting to see what would happen with contractions, I had the strong desire to come downstairs and eat a) the last Dannon yogurt in my fridge: peach, with fruit on the bottom and b) a bowl of oatmeal. (Check and check.)
4. Also as I lay awake, had the thought that maybe I should come downstairs and do the two days worth of dirty dishes that have accumulated in my sink (long story). The only reason I include this on my list of "symptoms" is that I have never, ever, in all my 27 years, had the urge or desire to do dishes in the middle of the night. Ever.

For the past several mornings, my husband has greeted me with the observation, "Still pregnant, I see." Or once he phrased it as a question: "Still pregnant, huh?"

If, on returning to my bed in a few moments (just after I take care of these few dishes), I fall back asleep and wake at a normal morning hour to more of my David's astute commentary, I'll be sure to post a "still pregnant" note at that time. And if I don't do that, well... then I guess the answer to my original query could be... just possibly... yes.

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wilcoxjan said...

Labor comes in its own time.....Good job getting extra stuff done since you could not sleep anyway. I really enjoy reading your well written accountings, I feel like I don't miss much....and pics are great!
grandma Jan