Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nope--At Least, Not Yet

So, I'm still having some very light intermittent contractions, but nothing that makes me think this is the real start of something. Whatever last night was (a warm up?), it seems to have subsided.

That's probably a very good thing, because, as far as my husband's schedule goes, last night would have been just about the worst time we could have picked for me to have a baby. Today marks the start of the first big fall weekend at the church--by that I mean one with major meetings in addition to the two on Sunday. The fact that we made it through to this morning with no baby at least means that Dave will have some time in the office today to prepare the paper work his teams need in order to know what they're supposed to do for all these events (even if Dave can't be there to oversee them personally).

And if we can make it through tomorrow as well, then Dave will be able to host his big, annual Technical Teams picnic, where all the volunteers who serve on the church's sound, lighting and video teams bring their families to a park for an afternoon of cooking out, games, prizes and fellowship. Otherwise, I guess someone else will have to play the M.C. (Though I think I speak completely fairly when I say that my husband is irreplaceable at an event like this. No one encourages those servants like Dave can.)

Anyway, we don't know what's happening with my body or this baby or the scheduled events of this weekend, but we do know God, and we trust Him. And--regardless of how inconvenient a time he might choose to arrive--we can't wait to meet our Baby Boy!

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