Sunday, March 18, 2007


This is just a brief post to let you know that we would very much appreciate your prayers over the next month or so. We are right in the midst of an extremely busy season at Covenant Life Church. Our youth ministry, 10:31, is about to present its annual musical, which this year is Godspell. Dave is heavily involved in making the technical elements of the show happen. After Godspell, our church will host the Sovereign Grace Leaders Conference, in which Dave will also play a role, followed by the Easter season and all that comes with it in the life of a church. We praise God for all of these events and the chance to play a small part in each one. It's amazing to think that occasions as diverse as these--a theatrical production, a pastors' conference and the celebration of our Lord's passion and resurrection--can all serve to exalt and advance the gospel, each in their own way.

But these events will require a lot of hours at work and a lot of late nights for Dave. For Meg and me (and particularly for me, since Meg's evenings end around 7:00) that means quite a few long nights alone at home. So if you think of us, please pray for any or all of the following:
-strength for Dave as he works some long and unusual hours and (likely) experiences a little less sleep than he ought to get
-joy for both of us in serving our church
-meaningful time together as a couple and a family when Dave is not at work
-grace for me to use my "extra" time well

Thank you so much!

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