Thursday, March 29, 2007

Off to Virginia...

Wow, over a week since my last post. That hasn't happened in a while. And no new pictures of Meggers in almost two weeks! I have to remedy that one, or grandparents around the country will go on strike.

I haven't had a lot of luck with the camera recently, but here are some cute shots from dinner time this evening--Meg in a variety of states and poses. (As you'll notice in a couple of pictures, broccoli was our veggie of choice tonight.)

Shoveling in some grub:
Dinner 1

"An adorable, faintly puzzled scowl"--that's how I would categorize this face:
Dinner 2

The partial profile:
Dinner 3

First hints of a smile:
Dinner 4

And a few more hints...
Dinner 5

There it is! An all-out laugh, actually:
Dinner 6

"Mommy's singing silly songs to make me giggle."
Dinner 7

Happy girl.
Dinner 8

In the midst of our very busy season, here's the update: Dave is working very hard, and the first weekend of Godspell performances went well. I got to go see the show this past Saturday night. I wish that every one of you reading this could attend. These Covenant Life productions are no run-of-the-mill high school dramas. We're talking months and months of rehearsal, an incredible sound system, a professional sound guy behind the mixing board (guess who?), wonderful lighting, a great set, great costumes and a top-notch pit band (even though they're not in a pit). And on top of all these benefits, there are a couple of secret weapons. The first one is Cathy Mays, the director. She is without a doubt the most gifted acting coach I have ever seen in action. Everything she touches seems to turn to gold, and every actor she directs--even kids with no prior experience--blossom under her care and instruction. The second secret weapon is the fact that every kid on that stage (and everyone behind the scenes as well) loves Jesus Christ and his gospel. Every kid up there is performing for God's glory, and that transforms this play into something that transcends their skill. You almost have to see it to understand and believe it.

But I digress. (You can't tell that I like theater, can you?) Like I said, Dave is working hard. He's at a dress rehearsal right now, ramping up for the second and final weekend of performances. The people doing this show are so blessed to have my husband--yes, if I do say so myself. He is so patient. He is so uncomplaining. He is so skilled. He is such a hard worker. He is such a... gift.

Meg and I have been keeping busy too--mostly around the house and taking walks in these beautiful first days of spring. Meg seems to be teething again (she had five come in all at once about a month ago, and now there seem to be more about to break through). This sometimes makes her less than a joy to be around, but, hey--everyone's gotta get teeth, you know? I just passed the 14 week mark in my pregnancy, which means the first trimester is over. I'm feeling very well, all things considered, although my tummy can be fluky and I'm still easily tired. (Today at a rehearsal for a little song-and-dance thing coming up at church, I did about 90 seconds of very light dancing--really more like hand motions, to be honest--and was practically panting afterward.)

Tomorrow morning, Meg and I will join Mom and Lena for a trip down to the Virgina Beach area, where Jacque and Asher live. The main reason for the trip is Jacqua's shower, which is Saturday. But we also plan to get in some mommy-sissy girl time before new babies start arriving and make that impossible for a while. We won't be back until Sunday afternoon, which means that Dave will be all by himself (albeit, he'll spend most of his time at church) for a whole weekend. None of us are looking forward to the separation. I hate leaving my husband--I'd much rather him be the one traveling, if someone has to be away! But being at my little sister's first baby shower is not something to be missed, and so we endure the parting... (Lift hand to forehead in tragic gesture here.)

I'm sure I'll have pictures to post and stories to tell after the trip, so check back on Monday or so. And keep my precious David in your prayers...!

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