Thursday, December 11, 2014

Special Day with Nana

Nana has been trying and trying to get a date on our calendar for a special day with Esme. Finally, yesterday we made it work!

Esme has dreamed for months of getting to make some cut-out cookies that are featured in a tattered, old kids' cookbook we have. And right now, Mama doesn't have a lot of time to undertake a dough-rolling, shape-cutting, baking, cooling, careful-frosting, sprinkle-shaking, all-day kind of project like that. So it was Nana to the rescue! Esme finally got to make her cookies, and she brought them home to the share with the family, to a very warm reception!

Hooray for persevering and loving Nanas who make Christmas cookies, sweet memories, and happy hearts, all in one day!
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