Thursday, December 18, 2014

His Last Carol

This evening while in the car, Esme, Graham and I were listening to Christmas tunes on the radio. A modern rendition of an old hymn came on, featuring a singer who was not familiar to me but who seemed like... well, like he might have benefitted from a bit more vocal training before he hit the recording studio. As I noted this, a sweeter voice came from my back seat.

"Mommy," said Esme, her tone thoughtful. "I think the man who's singing dis song is about to be dying, but he's still trying his best."


nananalle said...

That is so funny! The Nalle musical ear lives on! Well, giving credit where it is due, the "ear" thing would come at least as strongly from her daddy's side - the mark of a great sound tech!

Shannon said...

Your kids are the funniest. Love how they are so observant about what goes on around them.