Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why I Should Always Heed My Mommy-Intuition


Before I left the living room, I actually had the thought, Maybe I should put away the tortilla chips. Esme might dump them all out if I leave them here. That was wisdom. Then stupidity and blindness set in. No, she wouldn't do that.

And so I went blithely off to put Graham down for a nap. And when I returned... Oh. Oh, yes she would. 

I should know this child by now! I should know that she is the cutest, most endearing, mischievous, manipulative little blondie in the whole wide world, and that she is absolutely not. to. be. trusted. I do know this! I just... psyched myself out.


Getting her to clean up her mess took FOREVER and might have been more tempting for me than it was really worth. Next time, Gadget... next time, whatever that little voice is saying, just listen for once, huh?

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Debbie said...

SOOOO been there! :) love that you took pictures.