Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Room Swap

So on Monday we made the big switcheroo. Meg and Matthew are no longer roommates. (And they probably never will be again. Weird!) Now we have a Boys' Room and a Girls' Room.

The nursery, which always used to seem like a decent-sized room, is mysteriously shrunken now that it contains a very tall bunk bed set, as well as the crib, dresser/changing table, bookshelf and glider. But Matthew couldn't care less about the space crunch; he's elated to be the inhabitant of the top bunk. Esme has been ejected from the crib, which now holds Graham's car seat. This is the Boys' Room.

In the Girls' Room, not much has changed. Meg still has the top bunk. We pulled the mattress and support pieces out of the bottom bunk and stuck the pack 'n' play down there. This will be Esme's bed until we decide it's time to buy another twin mattress and promote her. This step really can't be too far off--the girl is tall. But, for now, she's just happy to be with her big sister. And this morning, she proudly referred to her play pen as, "My room."

We're two nights into the new sleeping arrangement, and so far everything runs smoothly. Matthew is not too disturbed by Graham's middle-of-the-night feedings. Meg, having weathered two years with the Bedtime Comedian, is pretty much immune to Esme's cheerful, falling-asleep chatter. (Though the first night, Dave and I were downstairs chortling at the monitor as she tested the waters. "Beggie? Beggie? BEGGIE!! BEHHHHHHH-GEEEEEEEE!!!")

Transitions are always kind of painful for me. My head knew that getting Graham out of our room would be best for everyone, but my heart said, No! Don't let him go! It's too fast--he's growing up and away too  fast! Likewise with Esme and the crib: But she's still my baby girl! I don't want her to be a big kid in a big kid's bed! Well, welcome to life, Mama. Change is what it's about, and the changes that are coming won't get any easier than a little bedroom swap.

Honestly, once we arrive, I'm always fine. It's only in the anticipation that I ache to hold on to The Way Things Are Now.

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