Thursday, April 05, 2012

A Mommy's Springtime

If you're a mom (or at least if you're like me), spring is the time of year when... get reacquainted with your stock of registered trademark character band-aids. Real fast. pray your neighbor will think that a bunny ate the top of her daffodil, whilst sheltering the true culprit in your own home and guiltily admiring a certain yellow blossom on your kitchen windowsill. walk out the front door to check on your kids and find yourself saying things like, "Where are your pants?" open your kids' closets and start praying for a miracle of hand-me-downs. open your own closet and start praying for a miracle of clothing budget and personal shopper. adjust the portion of your day that is spent in the kitchen to include plenty of time for ant-squishing. abandon all hope of keeping little fingernails clean. rejoice in anticipation of a three-month break from matching socks. look out the window at any given moment of the day and see something that makes you smile.

So what did I miss? What are the signs and symptoms of spring at your house?

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