Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year Begun and a New Baby Comin'

Happy New Year to you, friends and family. Here's to a rich and God-glorifying 2012.

As you know, we're expecting our newest addition... well, it could be just about any day now. At my 36-week check-up (read: internal exam) back on December 21, my cervix was still closed. That was a first; with my other babies I've been at least 1 cm. by that point. Of course, these things can change in a matter of hours, but we were quite happy to hear that all still seemed quiet at that point. Our hope was to make it past the holidays before this little fellow makes his appearance. Check!

In the past few days my contractions have picked up a little bit. I've even had some that felt strongish, but nothing actually painful yet, nothing that made me even consider that this might be "it." And that's a good thing. I still have so much I would like to accomplish before heading to the hospital--cleaning up from Christmas, preparing our room for its new resident, recovering from some surprise home renovations in December and... oh, yeah, packing a bag would probably be good too.

By God's grace, I'm quite comfortable physically. Of course, I tire easily. But this time a month ago, my lower back bothered me quite a bit, and that's all gone now. So if Baby's happy in there and wants to take his time... that's just fine with Mama.

In the meantime, we are drinking up the brief time we have left with this cutie as our baby.

Of course, all of them will always, always be our babies, but by now we know... it won't ever again be quite the same.

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