Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aunt Lena Meets Her Newest Nephew

When Graham was eight days old, our sweet Lean Bean finally got to meet him!


Little Squish

Is hims precious, or what?


Sandi said...

Hims is precious.
What a little chubba wubba! I happen to love chunky little baby boys....I've had my fair share of them :o)

Julia said...

Hes is most certainly precious!! I'm loving the pictures. Been a bit sick so haven't commented but love seeing our newest nephew!!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture the most. I think it shows his little personality coming out already! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.
Great Aunt Sam
Wow that sounds old!!!

Trinity and the brood said...

HIMS!!! I love hims!

Cara said...

I totally stole "hims" from you, Trin. Love it, and love you.

Lena said...

Oh, he is sooooo handsome!