Tuesday, December 01, 2009

She Smiles!

Success at last in capturing good pictures of Esme while she's smiling!

Are you ready?

Hiya, Bubbles.
Esme Smiles 1

Oh, what's that I see?
Esme Smiles 3

Come on, you can do better than that!
Esme Smiles 2

There's a good one!
Esme Smiles 4

And another!
Esme Smiles 5

Is she sweetness personified, or what?
Esme Smiles 6

Awwww, I love you, Little Girl.
Esme Smiles 7

Esme Smiles 8


Stacy said...

Yes. Pure sweetness.

Sunita said...

Belated congrats on Esme! She is a cutie. Great smile.
I didn't know you had a 3rd! She is a week older than our 3rd, Olivia.
Hope you are enjoying being a party of five!