Sunday, August 16, 2009

What We're Up To Around Here

In no particular order:

Eating Yogurt: I'm sure that I've easily eaten my own body weight in Dannon Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt during this pregnancy. Mmm... sometimes I eat it twice a day. I use it in fruit smoothies, dump spoonfuls of it over chunks of fruit, or enjoy it all by itself, in all its creamy goodness. (My husband is stifling his gag reflex as he reads this.) Our kids like yogurt too, but they usually get the full fat, plain variety. Here's what Matthew looked like after yogurt with fruit at lunchtime today.
Yogurt Face 1
(No, he's not eating yogurt with a fork. By the time I took these, he had moved on to course two.)

Please note the white stuff in and around his ear. In his hair. And on his eye lash.
Yogurt Face 2

Don't let those beautiful blues fool you; he's going to make a royal fuss when it comes time to clean him up.
Yogurt Face 3

Welcoming Daddy Home: Dave and our friend Brandon had the chance to go to Cedar Point for a few days this week. It was a time for the guys-with-pregnant-wives to get away and ride roller coasters to their hearts' content. After my failed attempt to get David to an amusement park last year, I was thrilled for him to have this opportunity. Thanks for planning the trip, Uncle Brandon! Glad you guys had fun and stayed safe. And I'm even gladder to hear that there is a couples' trip in the works for next year!

Mourning/Holding the Fort: Last week we said goodbye to Latricia, my husband's faithful administrative assistant of the past two years. It would be extremely difficult for me to tell you how much God's provision of Latricia meant to our family; you would think I was employing hyperbole if I tried. You would also have a hard time understanding me, as I would instantly start to cry. Suffice it to say (for now) that Latricia rocked our world through her hard work, attention to detail and genuine care for everyone around her. Earlier this year, Latricia decided to move on to pursue graduate work in theater. (And, hey, if I was going to be excited about losing her, that's one of the few things I could get excited about.) So last Saturday was her final day in the office. Now Dave is extra busy trying to do his job as well as an assistant's. And even as we grieve over losing Latricia, we joyfully anticipate the coming of Jenn, Latricia's replacement, who arrives in the office on Wednesday. Jenn is a former employee of Dave's and a long-time volunteer on the Covenant Life tech teams, so it will be great to have her back! (She got married last fall and moved to Texas with her husband, but they're returning this year to take part in the Sovereign Grace Pastors College! So cool!)

Getting Ready for Baby: You know, switching around clothes and closets and dressers, moving some furniture--stuff like that. Our preparations have been pretty minimal this time around, since there's no new room to paint and decorate and furnish. I hope Little Girl won't be offended.

Writing: I have the joy of being on the team that writes our church's Christmas plays, which is soooooo much fun. It's also hard work, and we are in crunch time right now, with two weeks till auditions and a script that still has far to go. Pray for us if you think of it! Our earnest desire is to create something that points our church and visitors to the history-altering, life-changing nature of Christ's incarnation.

Getting Ready for Beach: Our Nalle-family Outer Banks trip is coming up soon, and I can't wait! Among the many things I'm looking forward to this year is seeing these cuties...
Spruill Smiles
It's my little nephew and niece, Ari and Aylenne. Jacque and Asher got this shot a few weeks ago, and every time I look at it, I just itch to hold that little girl!

In case this list is unclear, we're a little busy right now. So if the blog seems quiet for a while, just refer back to this post... and bear with us! We're so grateful to everyone who takes the time to visit us here, and we'll try not to keep you waiting too long.


the Provident Woman said...

What cuties!

Sandi said...

Always love the pictures and hearing what you guys are up too.
Jacque's little people are growing like crazy!

Have fun on the Outerbanks...give everyone a hug from me:o)

PS can't wait to see pics of your new little one soon!

Anonymous said...


love visiting your blog (:
thanks for sharing your world with all of us .

niece-nephew PHOTO ::
i thought
ari was your matthew holding his cousin as
... the boys little faces look very similar (:

enjoyyourvacation - tracey campbell


Sandi said...

Hey Cara,

Just checking in...Baby yet???

Trinity said...

Can I read any of the scripts for the Christmas plays? I would LOVE to!
They are blessed to have you on the team!