Monday, August 03, 2009

Look! Our Kids Have Faces!

We've had a long dearth of pictures here at the Wilcox Family blog, but thanks to our dear friend Katherine, it just might be over. (Katherine graciously loaned us her old camera while ours is broken--thanks muchly, Dear!) Today I get to post pictures of Meg and Matthew! Hooray! They aren't very good pictures, but I am so excited to have pictures of any quality that I don't care! (I don't think I've used enough exclamation points in this paragraph! Here are a few more!!!!)

We went to the Splash Playground this morning. Lots of fun, once the kids got over their initial water-shyness. Here they are with Daddy...
Splash Park 1

They were looking at this contraption, which was a source of great fascination and terror for Matthew.
Splash Park 2

Splash Park 3

She can't resist trying to drink the chlorinated water. Mmm, tasty.
Splash Park 4

Little Blondie
Splash Park 5

Giddyap, Turtle!
Splash Park 6

My dearest little loves
Splash Park 7

Mommy had such a wonderful time with you today, my Sweethearts!

Matthew, I love how you got braver and braver throughout the morning. After I sat down on the concrete and splashed with you for a while, you began to take courage and do more than just wander around and cry when water got in your eyes. By the end of our time, you were running through one of the shorter fountains and bounding into my arms for a big kiss and/or raspberry... over and over and over and over...

My Meg, I had such a fun time making handprints and footprints with you on the dry bits of concrete. I loved watching you zig and zag your way around the perimeter of the big fountain maze. You are still so unconscious of everyone else in the world when you are enjoying yourself--what a gift to be so uninhibited! I especially loved it when you came over and lay down on my lap as I sat with my legs stretched out in front of me. You just rested there, in the middle of all of the spraying water and shrieking children, with your head on my big tummy, and cuddled with Mommy.

Special moments in a fairly ordinary day... I don't want to forget them!

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