Monday, May 25, 2009

David at Next

My husband has the privilege to be serving at Next this weekend. He's been in Baltimore since Friday morning. I'm a little envious that he gets to experience what sounds like an AMAZING conference, but mostly I'm just happy to have him there.

Next (or the conference formerly known as "New Attitude" and "Na") is an event that impacted my life significantly, waaaaaay back in its first couple of years when I was a college student deeply ensnared in rebellion and deception. God began a great work in my heart in the year that followed New Attitude 2000. By year three of the conference ('01), I was a volunteer member of the planning team, and years four through six I was on staff, helping to plan and run the main sessions. Now, unbelievably, this conference is in its tenth year, and I am so grateful that our family still gets to be involved through Dave.

My love, I hope that you are having a blast sitting behind that fancy digital mixing board and hearing that wonderful teaching about our Savior. Thanks for the long hours you're putting in--I know that your hard work is blessing so many people! I can't wait to hear your extended download about the conference... maybe on date night, huh? And there are two little people in this house who are awfully excited that tonight is Daddy's last night away!

Make that two little people and one big.

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