Friday, October 19, 2007

Visitors from Down South

JoshDacia&Kids 2

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of a visit from Dave's sister Dacia and her fiancé, Josh, who live in Charleston, SC. We haven't seen Dacia since Meg was six weeks old, and we have only met Josh on one previous occasion, so it was great to have some time with them. They graciously did "kid stuff" with us for Meg's sake--a trip to Froggy Land, dinner at Red Robin, where Meg was absolutely in heaven with her big blue balloon.

(Speaking of Froggy Land, by the way, does anyone else find that your kids get sick whenever you take them there? Last time we went was several months ago, and Meg came down with hand-foot-and-mouth disease immediately afterward. Then this Monday we tried again. Tuesday morning she woke up with a cold.) (FYI to non-Marylanders: Froggy Land is the indoor playground at our local mall. Little ones love playing there on the giant rubber frogs and dragonflies... but the fun seems to come at the price of my daughter's health!)

The next visit will be with Grandma Dawn and Grandpa Tom from Michigan. They will arrive tomorrow and be herethrough next Wednesday. We are so looking forward to having them! And, if the weather cooperates, we are hoping to make our first family trek to the National Zoo while they are here! More on that to come...

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