Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vacation Countdown

Marcs and Wilcoxes

18 days... That's how much time is left before the Wilcox family hits the road for a shared vacation with the Marcantonios.

If you're not aware of our history with Kris and Jess Marcantonio, it's one of those stories that sounds like a modern-day fairy-tale. Two girls who have almost nothing in common meet in college, hit it off, enjoy countless crazy adventures together, share a house after college, and end up marrying two guys who are also best friends and roommates. "And they all lived happily ever after." Well, not really... after all, our "ever afters" are still only a few years old. But we are now raising our kids together, double dating on occasion, and planning our first joint vacation. That in itself is part of a pretty good start at happy-ever-aftering!

Anyway, on Monday, June 25th, we'll load up Kris and Jessica's new minivan--with two strollers, two pack-n-plays, two car seats, several suitcases, some coolers, a bunch of books, two babies, and four grown-ups--and head off to the wilds (not really) of West Virginia. Once there, we'll spend a week in a house on the Potomac River, relaxing, adventuring, laughing, eating, reading, playing... oh, and if Jess has anything to say about it, quoting. Disney movies, that is.

In explanation of the photograph above: last night we got together as couples (plus Jack) to grab a bite and do some planning for our time away. I asked if we could snap a picture, just to officially inaugurate our countdown. (A member of the California Tortilla staff graciously obliged by operating the camera.)

18 days and counting... stay tuned for more on our vacation...


The Marcantonios said...

This sounds too good to be true. Are you sure you're not just making up these friends? Is that really you in the picture? Although, that Jess girl sounds really cool!

Mrs. "M" said...

There's nothing like good friends!
Have a great time.