Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Strawberry Day

Yesterday was Dave's day off. It was also Monday, our family day, which we try to set aside as a time to enjoy one another, make memories and build traditions. And just to make it extra special, it was Meg's 18-month birthday! Obviously, such a rare alignment of free and noteworthy days required a special celebration. So we decided to make our first family venture to Butler's Orchard. Our mission? To return home with a boatload of strawberries... and to have a little fun in the pickin'.

When we arrived in the berry field, Meg, who loves strawberries, did not need to be told why we were there. As soon as she spotted those beautiful, bright red treasures growing plump on the ends of the green vines, she knew just what to do. And thus, I am sorry to say, Butler's Orchard lost about a pint's worth of strawberry revenue yesterday--lost it to our daughter's mouth and tummy. She did eventually learn to contribute some of her finds to the family berry flat as well. But it is very difficult to persuade an 18-month old that she should defer all of her enjoyment until after the fruit can be payed for and washed.

Anyway, we had a blast and came away with just over ten pounds of berries in the brief time we were there. Plenty for eating, freezing, and sharing with Nana and Grandpop! (And maybe some left over for an experimental baking project...?) Here are the pics:

A Boo in a berry field:
Picking Strawberries 7

Just starting out:
Picking Strawberries 8

Walking... (Notice the juice stains on her front.)
Picking Strawberries 1

Picking Strawberries 5

Picking Strawberries 6

Picking Strawberries 2

Mommy making some headway...
Picking Strawberries 4

And fun with an irrigation sprinkler!
Picking Strawberries 3

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Mrs. "M" said...

She is soooo cute!