Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mt. Vernon, Part 1

Last week my sister Jacque and her family came up for a brief, last-minute visit while on their spring break. They proposed a trip to Mt. Vernon, as both of our families have been studying the colonial period and the American Revolution. I had been planning to take the kids this summer, but going sooner and with cousins was MUCH more attractive, so off we went!

We started by greeting George, Martha, and some of their grandchildren and exploring the welcome center...

A startlingly lifelike model of Washington as a young man:

Next we proceeded to the greenhouse and gardens, where spring was definitely beginning to flaunt her charms.

At that point, we met up with Jacque's family for our tour of the mansion. Unfortunately, no pictures are allowed inside the house, and I didn't think to take any of the building itself. But here is the view of the Potomac from the front verandah.
Not bad if, you know... you're into sweeping river vistas and all that.

And speaking of views, this was mine as we waited to see the parlors... not too shabby either.

To be continued...

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