Monday, April 13, 2015

Esme's Club: The Plan

Esme has this recurring idea about a neighborhood club. She's done some intermittent planning, but this week she actually put something on paper. Here it is, hanging on our front door like Luther's 95 Theses. (Since Thursday morning. As of this post, it's still there, for the enjoyment of all passersby.)

Sounds like a pretty fun club, right? Ahh, it's so cute it tickles me every time I read it. She did it all by herself, with no help that I know of. A few specific things I love:

  • how she follows the Wilcox school week, Tuesday through Saturday
  • the lapse into Gollumese: "On Wednesday we sing songs and we dances."
  • how she covered her bases with the male sex. Just to preempt all possible masculine inquiries.

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