Friday, March 27, 2015

Recent Round-Up

A few miscellaneous photos from the last couple of weeks...

At the end of our cherished annual visit from Aunt Shanny. (Praying for you, Shan!)
(That was also the day Esme had her awful muscle spasm. Note the pillow on the couch. She was only recently sitting up when we took this shot.)

Meg asked me to take this picture of the waterfowl and post it. The drab, wintery water's not much to look at, but our shadows are kind of cool!

Meg after a leftover (non dairy!) smoothie popsicle:

And me with my post-nap sleepyhead:
On days when Graham wakes up tired, sometimes I get some treasured cuddle time with him when all he wants is to be as close and as warm and as still as possible. I wonder if I will remember in three, four, ten, twenty years what it feels like to have a drowsy bundle of boy burrowing into my shoulder. I do hope so. Perhaps this picture will help.

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