Monday, March 16, 2015

My Little Patriots

In history we've been studying the American Revolution and the founding of our nation. It's been super. Meg and Matthew have been doing more independent study to supplement what we do together, and they have flourished in that.

We brought home from the library a cool book, Projects About the American Revolution. Meg and Matthew both had to read it and choose a project to complete. As it happened, they both chose headwear.

Meg in her mobcap and Matthew in his tri-corner hat:

And Esme, who was at that moment clad as a mermaid (don't even get me started on Ariel's kind of revolution), getting in on the photo action:

We also made parchment paper, though it barely looks aged at all in this shot.

Another cool thing is that we found this cartoon series, Liberty's Kids, on YouTube. It's the Revolution (starting with the Boston Tea Party) as seen through the eyes of three (fictional) young people who always seem to be at the right place at the right time and get to meet everyone from Ben Franklin to Phillis Wheatley, the poet and slave. It's fairly detailed, engages the real questions of that day, and is quite well done overall. I gladly recommend it!

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