Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pretty in Pink?

These are old pictures from several months back, but they're too classic not to share.


This was the day Graham decided to try out my pink nail polish. On his face. It might appear from this first shot that Graham recognized his mistake and regretted his decision, but no. In reality, this shot is more indicative of his attitude:


See the tongue in the cheek there, the little smirk? Uh-huh. That's more like it. "Like what I've done here, Ma? Oh, you don't? Gee, imagine that. Hmmmm." Of course, he didn't smirk quite so much when I scrubbed his face with acetone. And his dad didn't smirk when he came home hours later and his son still smelled like a nail salon. Yech.

(Actually, just to set the record straight, I recall Graham looking totally innocent and perplexed when I stumbled on his mischief and set him straight. He only smirked for the picture. Maybe it sends a mixed message when I tell him "No, never again, not ever" and then turn around to whip out the camera?)

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