Friday, May 09, 2014

Park Day

Oh my, little blog.

Well, no time to waste in lamenting. Let's get right down to business. Recent pictures, from one of our spring family days lately... the littles did the swings with me while Daddy took the big kids to practice bike riding on the baseball field.







Then Graham spent some time exercising his valiant steed, er... chipmunk, which he said was a fox. And if you don't know what a two-year-old sounds like when he tries to say "fox," well, then, you might have been one of the people raising their eyebrows at me that morning.




There was a guy at the park with a super cool remote-controlled airplane. I'm guessing it had about a 3-foot wingspan. He was really good at flying that thing--it was a fairly windy day, and he had no problem making it do just what he wanted. We had so much fun watching it loop and soar and glide to a halt on the green soccer field.

But the really exciting news of the day was that bike-riding finally really "clicked" for Meg, and Matthew had some nice long runs too! It was great, because Meg went into that day so discouraged that she has no place to practice safely at home (we live at the top of a hill, with no driveway) and convinced that she would never get it. But it was her day after all.

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