Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Latest Sample of Grahamese

One morning last week, I went into Graham's room to get him out of bed. (He is a super-sleeper now, and will usually stay happily in his crib as long as we choose to leave him there--a huge blessing on a Monday morning when we want to sleep in a little!) On the morning in question, he was wet through--I mean, drenched. Jammies, sheets--very wet, and cold. Poor guy.

Me: Oh, buddy, are you wet?

Graham: Yeeup.

Me: You're very wet! I'm so sorry!

Graham: I nee baftub.

Me: Do you need to take a bath? Probably so.

Graham: I nee towel.

Me: And then we'll wrap you up in a warm towel. Sounds good.

Graham: Yeeup. I deegusting.

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