Saturday, February 08, 2014

Dance Class and What the Boys Do

Apropos of nothing, I would like to begin by saying that there are times when you just pray that your toddler is teething again. Because the only other explanation you can think of is sudden insanity, and teething seems vastly the most preferable of the two.

*   *   *

My wonderful friend Christine lives just down the road from us and has become our carpool partner. Her girls and my girls both take the same dance class, so on Tuesday mornings, one of us drives the four girls to class, while the other keeps my two boys at home. Recently, Christine took some pictures of both groups of kids, which are much too cute not to share. (See? I told you she's wonderful.)

Here are the goyls, enjoying themselves at Ye Old Dance Studio. (Not its real name, by the way. That would be goofy.)




And here are the boys, very happy at "Mrs. Apple's house." (Graham refers to every member of their family as just plain "Apple.")
photo (1)

Mrs. Apple has super cool toys that Graham will actually play with! (At our house he just wanders around dumping small pieces out of their containers and then ignoring them.)
photo (2)

We are grateful for the opportunity to have the girls taking dance, but we're much more grateful for good friends with whom to do life!

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