Saturday, February 01, 2014

2013: Meggie's Birthday

Still doing a bit of catch up here...

Meg's birthday was in December. She turned eight, if you can believe such a thing. The nerve of her!

We had a small family party for her and for Nana, whose birthday Meg shares. Meg chose a favorite, Salsa Verde Chicken, for dinner, so we started our evening with a yummy meal. We had cake and ice cream, and then we opened presents...

Nana had to open her gift from Matthew first. Oh, the suspense...

It was the cutest little baby-bird-in-a-nest, crafted by Matthew out of a real egg shell. He found this project in one of his library books and decided it would make a perfect present. (Now it's sitting in the place of honor on my mom's over-the-sink windowsill.)

Meg opened her card from Papa Don and Grandma Jan...

and she opened her annual gift, a new Christmas dress...
(I love this picture of her SO much!)

and she opened her special devotional book from Aunt Lena, who sent her love (and a smashing birthday poem!) from far-away France, even though she couldn't be there personally.


Then she opened her card...

and her gift from Matthew and Esme. A coveted Lego Friends set!

The final event of the evening was the presentation of THE gift, the one Meg has waited and waited and longed and planned and hinted and hardly dared to hope for. It was an American Girl Doll--my old American Girl Doll, to be precise. My wonderful mother saved Samantha and all of the many clothes and accessories I collected for her so that I could pass them along to my own daughter. We held off and held off giving them to Meg until we were sure she was mature enough to care for such a special gift.

Meg was... well, she was shocked, and really happy.

She still is happy, I might add. And our faith in her ability to cherish and care for Samantha was not misplaced.

We can't believe how our oldest is growing up. How can it possibly be eight already?

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