Thursday, September 05, 2013

Midwest Memories III: Big Boy

Two Michigan visits ago (four years ago, if you're counting), I posted about our visit to the Big Boy restaurant of Cadillac, MI. And I posted this picture, of my two little people and the iconic Big Boy himself:

I confess I get a little gooey looking at this. Yook at my wittle, teeny Meg and Maffew, only fwee and one years old! And Esme was just a pre-born babe!

This is the 2013 version:

There was nothing particularly memorable about this Big Boy meal, except that it was sandwiched between an extensive tour of a HUGE dairy operation and a trip to the Cadillac toy store.

The dairy farm is owned by friends of Dave's folks, and they were gracious enough to spend a whole morning driving us around their place and showing us everything from baby calves to milking parlors to feed storage. The highlight for Meg and me was watching a calf being born and observing the first moments of his life (unfortunately, the only time he'll ever spend with his poor mama cow). It was remarkable. All my respect to the mama cows of the world, who have to give birth to creatures with hooves.

The toy store visit was Grandpa and Grandma's treat. They allowed Meg, Matthew and Esme to choose their own (early) birthday presents. This was a first for our kids, and quite a memorable occasion, as you can imagine.

And yes, the Big Boy picture is the only shot I have to show from the whole day--almost from our whole time with Mom and Tom! And the only reason I got that one is that Meg said, "Let's get a picture with the Big Boy!"

PS: Did anyone else notice that the Big Boy had a serious paint job between the two pictures? Major improvement on the ol' eye-brows, I must say.

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