Sunday, June 09, 2013

John 3 According to Esme

In the car after church today...

Esme: See my picture? I cuhwerd gween stars, and a bwue moon, and a bwue sky.

Me: I do see that. Very nice. What is that picture of? What did you guys learn about in class today?

Matthew: Jesus and Nicodemus.

Me: Jesus and Nicodemus? What did Jesus talk to Nicodemus about?

Esme: Bein' born again.

Me: Being born again?? How can you be born again?! Does that mean you have to go back into your mommy's tummy?

Matthew and Esme: Nooooo!!!

Me: You don't have to go back into your mommy's tummy to be born again?

Esme: No, you have to go back into da manger.


Anonymous said...

Well, the teacher (Nana) obviously did a great job communicating that scriptural truth!! =)

Cara said...

Well, Ma, if she retained "born again," I'd say you did your job well. Not expecting theological accuracy at age 3. :)