Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Who We Are" Updates

I try to keep the "Who We Are" column on the left of this blog fairly current. This means revisiting what I've written about the kids somewhat regularly, as their little tastes, personalities and interests are in constant flux. But whenever I make changes, I loose the old text completely, and as I made my most recent revisions, it occurred to me that I could track my changes here in the body of the blog. At least this way I'll have some record of my ever-evolving perceptions of their ever-developing selves.

Am I making any sense?

So here we go. Until 5/11/13, the kids' bios read as follows:

At seven years old, our Meggie lives life at maximum volume, with maximum enthusiasm. Her delights include talking, drawing, reading, laughing, coloring, singing, shrieking, bossing, bouncing, emoting, learning, running, mothering, helping, and playing.

This boy is a five-year old mass of contradictions. He's alternately rough-and-tumble and fragile. One moment he's clueless, the next he's acutely sensitive and sharp. He lives to make others laugh but spends much of his own time in tears. He never sits still... unless you have a building or crafting project for him, in which case he's all yours for hours. Oh, and he totally digs Spider-Man Angry Birds.

Our Esme Rose is something else: charming and challenging, independent and affectionate, adorable, and maaaaaybe just a wee bit enamored with herself. She's three years old and all girl, with a bad case of the dress-ups and a yen for helping mommy in the kitchen.

Graham David
Born in January 2012, this little man is the sweetest, huge grinningest baby ever. We are all his adoring slaves.

To see what I changed, check out the newly renovated "Who We Are" column!

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