Friday, May 03, 2013

During the Pause

I guess I kind of hit pause on the blog last month, but meanwhile our lives were in fast forward. We've been up to so much over the last few months that I have no hope of ever catching up on individual posts, but for an overview, we:

-started enjoying spring
-battled spring allergies and ants
-made it through another spring youth musical season at church
-went on a whole bunch of field trips
-did another semester of Adventure Academy, where Meg, Matthew and Esme took classes and I taught one
-wrapped up Meg's art class
-continued with our geography co-op
-babysat for friends
-enjoyed visits from out-of-town family
-dealt with Graham's many food-allergy reactions, including two that sent us to the ER
-hung out with cousins
-had our annual Spring Celebration with the Nalles and Spruills
-went on a wonderful ladies' retreat (me), had some great Daddy time (kids), and went solo at home with four littles for three days (Dave)
-picnicked with friends and family
-got first haircuts
-started planning/praying for our next school year
-shopped for warm-weather shoes
-dealt with disgusting poop disasters
-experienced a whole bunch of changes in our church small group, and more...

In the midst of all that, we remembered to take at least some pictures... I hope to begin posting them soon!

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