Friday, March 08, 2013

MOMath! A Museum Devoted to Math

This is SO COOL!!! We're totally taking the kids here some day!

I was one of those kids who had a love/hate relationship with math. I often enjoyed it, but I too hit the wall (hard) when I took Pre-Cal, so much so that my teacher told me I was "just not a math person." (She was a nice lady and a good teacher [my little sister says so], but all of her time and effort poured in to me during my early-morning-before-school "help" sessions did me very little good. I now understand all too well that that must have been pretty frustrating for her!) Ever since that I've pretty much believed that I stink at math.

But I want my kids to like math, to be unintimidated by math. I'd love for them to understand, as the guy in the video says, that there is more than "one road" through the "extremely varied, beautiful landscape" of mathematics!

MOMath, here we come!

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