Saturday, March 23, 2013

Graham Loves...


...the vacuum cleaner. I mean, seriously, LOVES it. It's an idol. He thinks riding on Mommy or Daddy's spare arm while they go over the carpet with the Kenmore is as good as it gets, baby. Crawling around the vacuum to examine it from all angles while Mom uses the hose attachment is great fun too.  But turning the vacuum off? Now, that's a lot less fun. And putting the machine away, when you've just been on a hugely entertaining vacuuming spree? That's not fun at all. That's a buzz kill. In fact, that's just plain mean! That's a recipe for hearing Graham's angry cry. So be warned, people. Be ye warned.








Other stuff Graham loves these days:

-the camera
-helping Mommy unload the silverware from the dishwasher
-pushing up to a stand without holding on to anything
-"dancing" to music while standing or on all fours
-the bath tub (whether he's the one bathing or not)
-helping himself to crackers from the cracker cabinet (which I'm now in the process of moving some place higher)
-talking about Dada (whenever anyone says "Daddy," he chimes in immediately)
-nursing in the middle of the night (apparently, since he shows no signs of willingness to give up his last feeding)
-being the center of attention and playing in his crib when his siblings come to wake him up in the morning
-pears (real ones, not jarred), grapes, bits of oranges
-drinking water from a bottle
-Mommy's arms

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