Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Aunt Dacia Weekend

Last year, David's sister Dacia took a new job that brings her to Virginia several times a year. And luckily for us, she always arranges her trips so that she can come hang with us for a few days after her work is done. The first weekend in February was one of these times. The kids L-O-V-E their Aunt Dacia weekends and look forward to them so much.

This particular weekend proved even more memorable than most, as Dacia ended up so ill that she had to go to Emergency Care. Not quite what any of us (especially Dacia) were planning! Nevertheless, there was still much to enjoy once she felt better. Meg, Matthew and Esme particularly appreciate the fact that Aunt Dacia always comes armed to the teeth with craft supplies and projects in mind. And we made it into D.C. and hit a couple of the museums as well. Of course, I only have a few pictures from her final morning with us. Still, some is better than none...






We love you, Dacia! Thanks so much for making the time!

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