Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Wilcox Baby Video Ever

I took this video about a month ago, using software on my laptop that I later realized does not provide good audio-to-video synchronization. Nevertheless, this is probably my favorite Wilcox home video ever, and that's saying something, since it prominently features me, in my pajamas, first thing in the morning, with no make-up.

Sounds enticing, right? Out-of-synch, stars a paleface mama... I should have been in marketing! Dontcha just want to click that play button? Hm, dontcha, dontcha?

Let me assure you: Graham's performance in this brief clip is more than enough to make up for my unpolished appearance and the technical difficulties. Get ready to believe: this is the sweetest, silliest baby boy on the planet!

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Sandi said...

So Sweet!