Saturday, September 29, 2012

Esme's Third Birthday

Our little Esme is three years old. What an amazing year! At two, she still had her feet planted pretty firmly in Babyland, but at three, she's a little girl. Where did my Baby Esme go? Who is this curly-headed, ultra-feminine pixie with the sparkle in her eye and the prance in her step? The one with a definite sense of style and the Daddy who melts when she bats her long, dark lashes? The one who adores her friends and family but has that mile-wide independent streak? That, ladies and gentlemen, would have to be our Esme Rose.

For her birthday on September 8th, Esme had a real treat--a visit from Aunt Dacia! This made the weekend extra special for our girlie. It also meant that we have pictures to share!! Dacia took tons on her iPhone and graciously downloaded them to my computer. Here are a few highlights from our celebration.

Our birthday girl just moments after waking up, wearing the birthday "outfit" she chose when shopping with Aunt Dacia the previous day:

With the big sister who was so excited for her!

With Aunt Dacia (and the ubiquitous hat):

Finally opening that tantalizing purple envelope that arrived in the mail from Gran earlier in the week:

Lamby jammies from Papa Don and JanJan!

Her very own copy of a favorite library read, A Book of Sleep!

Esme rocks! Literally, with her new guitar from Mommy and Daddy...
IMG_1007 - Version 2

Aunt Dacia's special gift was a trip to Build-A-Bear, where Esme got to stuff her own bright pink Hello Kitty toy. (I don't think she liked the noise of the stuffing machine very much.)

Stuffed and styled Kitty gets a big squeeze from her new mama:

Thank you, Aunt Dacia!

Birthday finale: lavender-frosted cupcakes with lots of sprinkles!

Happy Birthday, Beauty! Thanks for bringing so much laughter and wonder to our lives each day. We marvel at the way God has made you! And we love you like crazy!

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