Saturday, February 26, 2011

Matthew Tells It Like It Is

We had a sick day here today. Meg seems to have a little cold as of this morning; Esme is recovering from a cold and dealing with a stomach bug; I had a mild stomach bug which is still making me drag a bit, and I have a yucky head cold... and probably terrible sinus breath. (You'll need that information in a moment.)

Matthew, some how, managed to stay healthy (today, at least). He also managed to be adorable--not that he has to try very hard--and I had several conversations with him that I wanted to record. You can't say he's not candid!


1:35 pm
(As I'm kissing him at naptime)
Matthew: Please don't kiss me any more, Mama.
Me: Oh, ok, no more kisses?
Matthew: Yeah. Because first you were soft but you smell bad.
Me: Oh, I feel soft but I smell bad, huh?
Matthew: Yeah.
Me: Sorry about that, buddy.

Immediately after this conversation I detoured to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

6:00 pm
(In the bath tub, speaking sharply)
Matthew: NOOO! Don't go pee-pee in the bathtub!
Me: Yeah, don't go pee-pee in the bathtub.
Matthew: Yeah, I know, I'm telling dat to my [male organ]. 'Cause my [male organ] wants to go pee-pee wight now but I'm telling it not to.

6:20 pm
(As I stare at his cute little face peering out of a towel after bath time)
Matthew: You have beautiful ips! Dey're vewy pink!

He's the only person in the world who would have told me that my chapped and neglected lips were beautiful today. Boy, do I love that kid.


A.P. said...

that is just too cute :)

Shannon Anderson said...

Kids are just so darn truthful at times. They just see things as they are and have no fear in sharing about it.

echeck gambling said...
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