Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Helloooooo, Beautiful!

I don't know what the weather was like where you are, but around here, 2.14.11 was a perfect Valentine of a day, from God to everybody. The sky was breathtakingly blue, the temperature hovered around 57*, and the wind blew fresh and cleansing rather than bitter. It was a glorious first taste of spring.

The Wilcox Family delightedly took to the great outdoors, for the first time in many a family day. They set off, scooters and stroller primed for the first of many corporate walks.

The baby of the family hardly knew what to make of such light and warmth. Where was her puffy, green, marshmallow coat? Gone? Replaced by a mere jacket (which pink floral wreaked fashion havoc with her chartreuse hoodie)?

Finding their usual wooded path still snowed over, the family detoured their route, continuing their walk up a steep hill and past rows of town homes. The older children abandoned their scooters to scavenge for "feather plants." With these plumes in hand, they paraded exuberantly along the sunny sidewalk.

The man of the house, leading from the start, cut a fine figure as he perambulated the baby.
(And he also made a rockin' Valentine.)

(The end.)


Shannon Anderson said...

you have one sweet family.

Trinity said...

wahah! I love it! I was all for going on your whole family walk with you throughout each stop along the way and then bam-valentine's day HIT! And you shut, and locked, the bedroom door...