Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meggie Boo

Who is our Meg--our long-legged, five year old girl--becoming?

Meg is increasingly into "realistic" drawing, but she still often gravitates toward scribbling, piling lots of colors on top of each other, and creating more abstract artwork like this piece.

Meg and Matthew both sport outfits styled by Meg in the above shot. Apparently, they were "being super heroes." I guess the shirts tied over the shoulders a la '80's prepsters are supposed to be capes?

Meg very rarely colors in the way I expect--it's always a blue face and orange arms and purple hair and a yellow dress, or a red face and green hair and a pink dress... Whether this is standard or unusual for someone her age I don't quite know (or care), but her choices intrigue me.

I recently treated Meg to a home mani/pedi session with her new, purple nail polish from her Christmas stocking. Anyone who has not raised a little girl could never believe the excitement and joy this event generated. And, no, this wasn't the first time I painted her nails.

I love this portrait Meg recently drew. Don't know if you can read her caption, but it says "Matthew and Curious George." There are some notable resemblances between her subjects and their real-life counterparts.

A few months ago at dinner, Dave was leading our Bible time, and as part of an illustration he asked, "Meg, would you like to live in a big house some day, and have lots of toys and a big yard with a pony in it?" "No," said Meg decisively. "I'd like to live in a medium house with a husband and lots of children." (This still makes me smile from ear to ear when I think of it.)

This girl just keeps bringing us more and more joy. We love watching her grow and learn and blossom. And we love getting to be her family!


Julia said...

Smiling too!! LOVE the pictures! Every picture looks like mini-Cara!

Debbie said...

Love this post, Cara! Especially the part about a medium house, husband and children.

Meg is so obviously being discipled by a wise mommy!

Love you.

Anonymous said...

She is changing and growing so much, isn't she? What an exciting investment you and Dave are making!