Sunday, October 10, 2010

Visit from Dacia and Josh

Dave's sister and her fiance came to the D.C. area last week, so we had the rare treat of a visit with Aunt Dacia and Uncle Josh. Meg and Matthew were both excited to see them. The last time they were here was shortly after Matthew was born!

Here is Aunt Dacia helping Meg with a jewelry-making craft.


Dacia and Josh are very generous and came laden with gifts for the kids. Here M&M sport their new Disney t-shirts and their new hats.

That night we got to go out, just us grown-ups, for our favorite brick oven pizza at Laurienzo's. It was so nice to get some adult talk time!

The next morning we got the usual parting picture of everyone together...

and one final, surprise shot, captured by Meg or Matthew.

Before leaving town, Josh and Dacia took Meg, Matthew and Dave to our local Build-A-Bear Factory, where our kids got to choose and create their very own stuffed buddies. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there to get pictures, but I took one at home today just so you could see what they made. This is Matthew with Kitty and Meg with Rosie the Bunny.
These animals have seen very little down time since they arrived in our home, let me tell you. They have utterly vanquished Meg and Matthew's former bedtime pals, been at the center of many a game, and been fiercely protected from a certain baby sister by their vigilant owners. I think that Auntie hit a home run with this outing.

Dacia and Josh, we're so grateful that you came! Thanks for taking two extra days from your very busy lives to hang out with us and bless our kiddos. We look forward to seeing you again!

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