Sunday, October 03, 2010

Finally Home

Last Tuesday, Aaron came home.
You can't make out the message on his shirt in these pictures. It says, "I was worth the wait." Boy, were you ever, Buddy!

He is one beautiful kid. My dying camera doesn't even come close to doing him justice.

Just a brief synopsis of the welcome party:

A small crowd of friends and family waited at Dulles International Airport for the flight from Frankfurt to arrive. Julia's dad, Mr. Arnold, was there with the long-suffering, expectant big brothers, Ben and Elijah. Joining them were Dave, me, and the kids, Mom, Uncle Eddie, Aunt Heidi, and a friend of the Rob Nalles from their community theater group in Charlottesville. (Carl has my eternal gratitude for taking Matthew for a spin on his motorized bike thing and letting him play with the headlight. Our son had no idea that Heaven is located in baggage claim!)

Finally, Rob and Julia emerged from Customs with their prize. Aaron first greeted us by sticking out his tongue, but his smile almost split his face in two. It soon became clear to everyone that he was quite pleased to be the center of so much attention. He strutted around like a little rooster, showing us his stroller-steering skills. And while Aaron reveled in his new fans' adoration, I enjoyed seeing my older cousins reunited with their folks after many, many days of separation. Ben and Elijah have been troopers.

Of course, they are young men, so there were no tears or anything. But I think they were happy to see their Dad and Mom again.

You can read the full story of Aaron's homecoming here and learn more about how he's settling into his new home and family here.

We can hardly wait to get to know our new cousin more. Welcome home, Aaron Vanya Nalle!

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