Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Psychedelic Laundry


is my clothes dryer.

This is what happens when your child leaves crayons in her pocket and you don't catch it before you launder her clothes.

And not just any crayons--sparkly, glitter crayons.

I'm not sure how this is going to affect my upcoming laundering efforts, but I'm pretty sure that the load that got dried with the glitter crayons is ruined. Well, maybe not ruined. Maybe Matthew won't mind wearing the shorts with pink and green and purple flecks all over them. And maybe his father won't object either.


One thing I do know for good and certain: no more route, mundane, boring laundry days in this house. No sirree. From now on, laundry in the Wilcox household is going to be downright groovy.


Shannon Anderson said...

Totally groovey art man.

Julia said...

I"m laughing outloud!!

Anonymous said...


tracey campbell said ...

love the PHOTOS !

that's life in the fast lane for you (:

... i know windex takes crayon off of
kids plastic tabletops & glass ...

might work in a cold dryer (:

enjoyyourtoday !