Sunday, March 14, 2010

Under Construction

Pardon our dust... (Don't you love it when they post that in your local Target or grocery?)

I made the mistake of messing around with my blog layout last night. I've been wanting to switch things up for a while, so my mistake had to do with timing rather than intent. See, this is my husband's busiest time of year. He's working some loooong hours right now, every day, with no days off for a bit. This means, among other things, that he can't really bail me out when it comes to making change to my html code. And that in turn means that you'll have to bear with me until I can a) learn how to make these desired changes myself, or b) find an appropriate moment to ask my David for his help. Because while he, being brilliant, can take care of text color, font and other fancy stuff in .5 seconds flat, I, being... um, decidedly less brilliant... will have to employ my buddy Google before I can manage any such thing.

So thanks for your patience.


Julia said...

Who needs fancy with a cute family picture like that on the front!!!

Sandi said...

Love the fam pic and the sweet descriptions of the kidlets.