Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Last Few Days

This is just a collection of mostly disconnected thoughts and pictures from the last week or so.

First, I would like to note that I recently read Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and I... I... I'm just genuinely flabbergasted that Disney took this one on. Now in fairness, I haven't seen the animated version. I've read that it's quite good. But, listen folks, the original Hunchback is not a children's tale, and (SPOILER ALERT) I'm not just saying that because everyone dies at the end. (Yes, everyone. Every single character that I cared about--dead. Except the goat. And Phoebus, but I'd have been happier if he had died.) We're talking adult themes here, people. And I don't know for certain, but I do strongly suspect, that the only way Disney could successfully make this into an animated musical is to make it a different story with different themes and a drastically different outcome. (Not that that should come as a big surprise. Ever read Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid?)

* * *

Onto lighter topics...

I know I already posted a version of this picture, but I had to show you again. Look at this boy's profile, will you?
Matthew Profile
Is that not adorable? Look at that big round cheek, so chubby it almost hides his lips! Look at that little turned up nose, at that knob of a chin with an extra fold underneath, at that fringe of dark lashes! Matthew is growing up fast, but every now and again I'm reminded of how much baby is still mixed up with the big boy. This picture captures the lingering baby side, and I think that's why I love it.

I'm so grateful God made kids cute!

* * *

One morning last week Meg and Matthew got hold of the camera at breakfast time, while I was upstairs with Esme. These next few pics are the result.

Meg's portrait of Matthew, with cereal bowl:
Kiddie Portrait 1

Matthew's portrait of Meg, with balloon:
Kiddie Potrait 2

Matthew's portrait of himself, super extra close-up version:
Kiddie Portrair 4

Matthew's forearm:
Kiddie Portrait 3

* * *

Peek-a-boo, little smiley thing.
Esme High Chair

* * *

Matthew, after a good ol' pb&j:
PB&J Boy

* * *

Baths have been a real gift this winter and spring, to Meg and Matthew and to me. The days and weeks when we've been cooped up in the house have been punctuated with nice, long soaks in the tub. I'm talking about baths that are as much about recreation as cleanliness, baths that are about Mommy's sanity and having my children contained and self-occupied without the employment of a screen. I'm not saying that baths are a perfect solution; I break up a lot of fights over squirt toys and rubber ducks. But they're something a little different in our every day routine. And sometimes, variety is priceless.

Bubbles are fun too. Here, Meg and Matthew demonstrate the apply-your-own-beard technique:
M&M Bathtime 2

M&M Bathtime 1

If you click on this one, you may be able to see that Matthew's mouth is full of bubbles. They both eat them by the handful. Sigh. I've also given up on trying to keep them from drinking the bathwater.
M&M Bathtime 3

* * *

While we're on the subject of baths, I always want to take a picture of Esme when she comes out of the tub. She is so, so sweet and tiny, all bundled up in her pink towel and nestled in my arms, and I want to capture the image of her cuteness forever! Trouble is, Dave is not usually home at bath time. So yesterday, I asked Meg to try her hand at getting a shot.
Esme Bathtime
The back of the high chair seemed to get higher billing than baby and mama, but that's ok. It's something, at least.

(By the way, do I look ridiculously Nalle-ish in this picture, or is it my imagination?)


Julia said...

What's 'Nalle-ish?' - You look like a happy Momma!! Love the pictures of the kids. I'm still overwhelmed by your gift to us so at this point I'll just say Thank you.

Shannon Anderson said...

Yes you look quite Nalle-ish. But I think I will always see a bit of Nalle in you even though you are a Wwilcox now.

Anonymous said...

Great stories and pic! You all are so adorable!!! Wish we lived closer so we could see them more often! We are so grateful for your bloG!!!! Jan

Trinity said...

I do the SAME thing! The bathtub is like a playpen- it is a sanity restorer. I spent so much of last winter sitting on the floor of my bathroom reading while the kids played (and fought) in the tub!