Sunday, September 20, 2009

Matthew Turns Two!

If you can imagine, our Matthew--the same Matthew who seemed like such a little guy to me until two weeks ago--had the nerve to have his second birthday this week. He's sure not the baby any more, and it's not only because his little sister has arrived. This guy is growing like crazy!

Given recent family events, we kept the birthday celebration very low key. The boy didn't seem to mind.
MIW 2 Birthday 1

Store bought cupcake-cake:
MIW 2 Birthday 2

MIW 2 Birthday 3

MIW 2 Birthday 4

MIW 2 Birthday 5

MIW 2 Birthday 6

This is a terrible shot of Esme, but it shows how sweet her big brother is with her. So far Matthew's been completely gentle and loving toward his little sis. Every time he sees her, he says, "Awwww, beebee," in this quiet little voice. Then he crawls over to her and kisses her head softly, crooning, "Ohhhhh, beebee. Beebee."
MIW 2 Birthday 7

Unfortunately for the picture, I was tied to the couch (nursing) and couldn't get around to capture Matthew's face. But if you click on the picture to see the larger size, you'll be able to tell that his jaw is dropped waaay down. Dave said he looked SO surprised and happy at the sight of these new jammies.
MIW 2 Birthday 8

The best part is, he'd picked them out himself the day before.
MIW 2 Birthday 9

Our Bug loves all things mechanical and all kinds of vehicles, but fire trucks are a particular fascination right now. And his other gift (not pictured) was a set of fireman jammies, so he's all set to go on some rescue missions!
MIW 2 Birthday 10

Esme makes an awesome party guest. We're thinking of renting her out.
MIW 2 Birthday 11

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