Thursday, September 17, 2009

Esme's First Week In Pictures

Esme Wk 1 1

Esme Wk 1 2

Esme Wk 1 3

Esme Wk 1 4

Esme Wk 1 5

Esme Wk 1 6

Esme Wk 1 7

Esme Wk 1 8

Esme Wk 1 10

Esme Wk 1 11

Esme Wk 1 12

Esme Wk 1 14

Esme Wk 1 15

Esme Wk 1 16

Esme Wk 1 17


Sandi said...

Wow Cara,

You look great for just having had a baby.

Esme looks like Meg to me but I've only seen both of them in pictures.....sniff sniff. Makes me sad I can't see them face to face.

Great pictures of a beautiful family....all three generations!

LT said...

Your family is just wonderful, and I miss you all! Congratulations on the precious little girl. I wish I was there to snuggle her!!!

Stacy said...

I'm with Sandi: you look beautiful. It was my second thought after "Oh, how adorable!": "How cute is SHE having just had a baby!?"

Jerusha said...

So sweet! I just love the pictures of Meg looking at her!

I can't wait to see her in person.

Mommy C said...

congratulations, cara! she is beautiful!

Trinity said...

Most beautiful new mommie ever!!