Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tag, I'm It

There are a couple of different variations of this game going around... Debbie tagged me to find the fifth picture in my fifth picture folder and tell y'all about it. I had to do some eeny-meenying to arrive at a picture, because, in my organization system, there was no fifth folder, and there was no fifth picture in the folder that I eeny-meenied instead. (You're still tracking with me, right?) But anyway, after a long process, during which I genuinely tried to adhere to the spirit (if not the letter) of this game, I landed on this:

Meg's Dedication

Awwww. That's my baby girl's dedication day! This is a picture that my dad (I think) took in November of 2006. Meg was not quite a year old. You can see Dave and Meg and me off to the lower left. (Dave is in yellow; I'm in pink.) Dave is watching Meg's face as she sees herself on the big screen.

Now I need to say a word about the picture within the picture; the close-up of Meg on the screen. It's funny--by the time we dedicated Matthew, the church had changed the policy on submitting your baby's picture. When Meg was dedicated, they just wanted a picture of your child; now they want a picture of your child smiling. While I understand the intent behind this request, I'm kind of glad that Meg squeaked in before they changed the rule. Dave and I both thought that the picture we submitted represented Meg's personality well. She wasn't really a smile-for-the-camera kind of baby; nor is she that kind of three-year old! She's sort of... intense. Don't get me wrong--she's often intensely happy! But whatever she is, whatever she does, she's all in it. I think that's why that picture seemed appropriate to Dave and me. Look at the intensity of that gaze! That's our Meggy, to a "t".

And that is the end of this post, and, for my part, of this game. I'm not going to tag anyone else--not because I'm a spoilsport (though I sometimes am), but because it seems like everyone I know has already been tagged! (Although if you're reading this and you haven't been tagged, and you're secretly dying to play along, consider yourself it!)

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